Monday, July 9, 2007

Fury and Light

The Great and Terrible Volume 4: Fury and Light

Chris Stewart

We've been waiting. I know you all have been waiting. It is finally here. We were absolutely thrilled to hear Chris Stewart in his interview about his terrifying (and I do not use that word lightly) novel. It was clear that Doug was terrified as well. Anybody listening would have been able to hear the terror in his voice as he talked about Fury and Light (and this was not his normal terror when he hasn't even looked at the book that he is supposed to be discussing), which is the 4th volume in his Great and Terrible series (we're still not sure which those titles applies to his books, but it could conceivably be both!). If this interview did not send you scrambling to fill your food storage, I don't know what will.

Doug and Chris begin talking about the book without really explaining what went on in the other novels that proceed this one. They Wrightly assumed that everybody had probably already read volumes 1 through 3 numerous times. And even for those very few who hadn't (and shame on you), the universal nature of the book's plot (scare the crap out of people) made the interview accessible and compelling for everyone.

We've done our fair share of rumenating on the end of the world, but in all of the apocolyptic end times scenerios we've conjured up we never saw this one coming. Nuclear bombs and EMDs (erectile malfunction dysfunctions?). Who'd have thought that world would be destroyed with nuclear bombs? Who? I'll tell you who. The genius that is Chris Stewart.

I was particularly moved when Chris took the time to give us a little physics lesson. I guess there is something called an EMD that, according to Doug, will literally send us back to the 1800s. Time travel. A scary thought for some, but an exciting prospect for people who want to relive that moment in high school where the coach didn't put you in. There is hope for Uncle Rico.

During the interview Doug took a brief commercial break, and needless to say we were sorely disappointed (but who are we to disagree with Doug's choice. He is Mr. Wright). Suddenly, our disappointment turned to fear as we heard devastating news about the 72 hours that changed the world. (Which apparently could not be seen on the big screen but could only be read?) That fear quickly turned to joy as we realized that we were listening to a commercial for the very book being discussed in the half hour commercial that is ELEV. (This was followed by a commericial for the new Mo Tab doing showtunes CD available now at Des Book [hereafter cited as DB] - apparently fans of the choir DEMANDED an album of Showtunes, which are Mo Tab's most requested songs ["Lovely Ladies" from Les Mis, anyone?]. Personally we cannot think of a better use of the Lord's choir, then rehashing Sunrise, Sunset, and other pop showtunes classics!)

On a scale of 1 to 5 we rate the book a terrifying 5 and the interview a 5.

And now for the question:

Did Doug read the book?

Superfan 1: Of course he did. He's been waiting and waiting.

Superfan 2: I've heard Doug's building a bomb shelter and packing his walls with wheat. What do you think?

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