Sunday, August 5, 2007

First Day

First Day
Allyson B. Condie

Another Superfine show, Doug! Unfortunately, I missed the first few minutes because of circumstances beyond my control (which is why we continue to strongly urge KSL Radio to make Everyday Lives, Everyday Values available as a podcast, or at least archive it on the website. HELLO, people!).

This week's guest was Allyson Condie, author of Yearbook, and now back with the follow-up, First Day. But, as Allyson pointed out in the interview, First Day is the continuing saga of only SOME of the characters from Yearbook, since she wanted to keep the book as realistic as possible (Thanks, Allyson - as we all know, reality is something that is frequently stretched in this genre - you've done us all a huge favor). Of course, reality did take a bit of hit in the interview, when Allyson stated that although her book does contain LDS themes, she hopes that the writing and universal nature of the material will make the book accessible and applicable to youth outside of the church, as well. Uh-huh, you go girl!

Highlight of the show, at least for me, was the 3 minute sidebar from Doug about the time his son went on a mission, and how his wife's family (which, incidentally, are not LDS), wanted to know if they could chip in to help buy him a TV. While the story had absolutely nothing to do with the book or author that was his weekly guest, Doug's point was well made: non-Mormon's just don't get it! (And what's up with chipping in for a TV? Is Doug's spectacular career as a Radio Host/Utah celeb not as lucrative as we have all imagined? I mean, the family needs to chip in for a TV? Note to self, consider starting fundraising drive to help the Wright family!).

Overall, on the scale of one to five, I'd rate the book a 3, and the show a perfect 5. And now, the question:
Did Doug actually read the book before the show?
Superfan 1: No vote (out of town on vacation, and missed the show -WE NEED PODCASTS)
Superfan 2: Definitely not, and should not. A man with that much on his plate doesn't have time to be reading junior LDS fiction published by Des Book (hereafter cited as DB).

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